Our People

Get To Know Our Faculty and Staff
President | Professor of Preaching and Worship
Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship | Associate Dean of the Chapel
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs | Associate Professor of Old Testament
Professor of New Testament
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care
Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation
Professor of Constructive Theology
Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics
Acting Dean of the Seminary | Professor of Theological Ethics
Admissions Staff
Dana McNamara
Admissions Counselor
Amy Gassel
Archives Staff
Scott Holl

Contextual Education Staff
Denise Stauffer
Director of Contextual Education, Secretary to Board of Trustees

Dean's Office Staff
Sharon Tan
Acting Dean of the Seminary
Michelle Wobbe
Registrar and Director of Assessment
Rev. Dr. Sonja Williams
Associate Dean of Students
Avis Darris
Administrative Assistant
Finance Office Staff
Trina Owens
Director of Accounting
Kelly Johnson
Institutional Advancement Staff
Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Sandi Boehlein
Director of Development
Lorin Cope
Director of Advancement for UCC Church Giving
Sonya Vann
Director of Development
Rhonda Lally
Administrative Coordinator
Library Staff
Bob Scheef
LIFE Program Staff
Jill Schantz
Director of LIFE Programs and International Student Support
Music Staff
Paul Vasile
Director of Music
President's Office
Danita Jackson Carter
Executive Assistant to the President
Operations Staff
John Donnell
Interim Business Manager
Katie Hotze-Wilton
Director of Audio and Visual Instructional Technology
Julie Kies
Bookstore Manager
Bill Brakemeyer
Brandon Amelong
Harold Parker
Walker Leadership Institute Staff
Steve Lawler
Jeff Wagener
Program Manager
Our Board of Trustees

Rev. Susan Artt
Denver, CO

Mr. Paul Brady
St. Louis, MO

Rev. Karla J. Cooper
Lincoln, NE

Ms. Merry Dahms
St. Louis, MO

Dr. Jane Zimmer Daniels
Kaiser, MO

Mr. Michael Downs
New York, NY

Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson
Dallas, TX

Mr. David Luckes
St. Louis, MO

Mr. Timothy Luehrman
Belmont, MA

Rev. Nelson Pierce Jr.
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Larry D. Richardson
St. Louis, MO

Ms. Susan Nell Rowe
St. Louis, MO

Mr. David Sauerhoff
St. Louis, MO

Mr. Mark Schafale
Beaver Falls, PA

Ms. Darlene Sowell
St. Louis, MO

Dr. Susan S. Stepleton
Webster Groves, MO

Mr. Noah Jensen Tabor
Des Moines, IA

Dr. Thomas K. Tiemann
Elon, NC

Dr. Carol B. Walker
St. Louis, MO

Rev. Andrew Warner
Milwaukee, WI

Rev. Dr. Suzanne Webb
St. Louis, MO

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Weiner
Evansville, IL

Rev. Anne Asper Wilson
St. Louis, MO