UCC Seminary Sunday

Thank you for celebrating UCC Seminary Sunday, February 27, 2022Bulletin Insert available here. Scroll down this page for video resources and testimonies.

Encourage New Students

Eden Theological Seminary is committed to strengthening the life of the church in community by making accredited, accessible, and affordable theological education available to all who seek to engage critically the call to faith formation, while supporting the Progressive Christian Movement, in a radically inclusive learning environment rooted in justice.

Why Eden Now? Focused on spiritual formation that challenges faithful people to work side-by-side, encouraged to risk self for the greater good and convicted to lead others toward peace and love for one another – Eden Theological Seminary has faced the hard issues directly for over 171 years.

Eden’s programs teachers and learners in St. Louis and throughout the United States are present with each other both on campus and digitally. Students are joining classes by HyFlex. Hear more in this video.

Be Active in the Eden Community

Thank you for your encouragement and support as Eden expands

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Celebrate Theological Education Throughout the United Church of Christ as the very Foundation of Vital Churches

CUE Seminaries of the United Church of Christ are located in the central region of the country – Chicago, United and Eden.

Our faith is a living tradition that calls for continual discovery and re-discovery and demands that we equip leaders to interpret the tradition for our own time and place. Never has this call been more important than in these days of change and complexity. Chicago, United, and Eden Seminaries are dedicated to the work of strengthening churches by educating leaders who will serve congregations and communities around the world with compassion and justice.

CUE’s mission: Strengthen the relationship between our churches and our seminaries. Further the mission and work of these seminaries. Provide financial support for our seminaries.

Share this message for UCC Seminary Sunday “No Dress Rehearsal”.

Bulletin insert available here.

The 6 seminaries closely related to the United Church of Christ are featured in this video presented first at the UCC General Synod 2021