Non-Degree Programs

Eden’s IFL Courses

Intensive Focused Learning Courses (IFLs) are one-two day courses on a specific topic.  IFLs are a great way to introduce yourself to theological education, to do continuing education, or to enrich yourself and stretch your horizons.  IFLs are available for you to audit at half the cost of tuition (or for a quarter of the price is you are age 65 +). Current Eden students enroll as part of course registration.

Contact [email protected] for application.

Credit Non-Degree

Students have the option to take courses for credit without the pursuit of a formal degree. The application process is similar to the Masters programs but with a shorter application form. Include a statement of reason for applying and one academic reference. The deadline for applying is two weeks before the beginning of the semester you want to attend. Standard application, student and tuition fees apply.

Course Auditing

Students may sit in on a course without receiving credit for it. Auditors will complete course work but it is not graded and not transferable into a degree program. Enrollment comes at the discretion of the professor and our accrediting body, the ATS. Professors will decide participation levels for each course. There is a limit on number of auditors per class, so get your requests in as early as possible.

Auditors pay half the cost of the course and textbooks as required by the professor. There is no fee to apply to audit a course.


Ready to apply for a non-degree course or audit a class?
Direct any questions to [email protected] or 314-918-2501.

Continuing Education

Eden is helping lead the effort towards new partnerships in ministry. Despite the differences between denominations or religious groups, we can all come together towards a common goal—bettering the world.

We host events focused on contemporary topics to help guide you thoughtfully through significant issues in ministry.

Yearly Events
  • Opening Convocation
  • Schmeichen Lectures
  • Faculty Features
  • Brueggemann-Kulenkamp lectures
  • Boundary Training
  • LIFE (Lay Institute for Faith Exploration)