Stitching Spiritual Stages

Site Plan
  • 30-50 space seating
  • Meditation path
  • Public altar
  • Plant selection zone
  • Liminal space

Our path guides the visitor into presence through mindful movement inviting them to pay attention, notice, investigate, or play. Initial encounter points to an environment being reclaimed, with asphalt cracks and remnants along an accessible meditation path. Plant selection in this zone increases in height as the path approaches the alter, further deepening one’s immersion into the sacred space.

The first threshold between zones reminds visitors not only to be aware of themselves in the environment, but also to remember that our sacraments are formed from water, wheat, berries.

The individual’s journey into sacred presence joins community in a gathering space seating 30-50. Seating design is based on the cracks formed by the elements. A public altar, made of reclaimed asphalt and cross vine, directs attention to the earth, connectedness, and life and death cycles. The sacrament of holy communion is emphasized throughout, pointing to visitors sharing in the body of Christ and the world.

After worship, patrons cross the liminal space between worship and the sacred grove.

Exiting the worship space provides an invitation to wander, linger, contemplate the movement of the spirit. Each time people enter this sacred walk, they may grow more tightly bound with the rhythms of the earth, the generative possibilities of community, and the aliveness of their own bodies.


Team members:
Kendall Miller, Holly Reising, Lauren Verseman, Emma Woolcott