Eden Program Team Leaders, Rev. Dr. Sonja B. Williams and Rev. Dr. Damayanthi Niles

With the transition of Rev. Dr. Deborah Krause as Eden Seminary’s new president come changes to the structure and organization of the school. The Staff and faculty now collaborate in five teams: Programs, Advancement, Facilities, Finance, and President. The Programs Team, the largest of all, covers Admissions, International Students, Student Cabinet, Houses of Study, Chapel Worship, Degree and Non-degree Programs, Contextual Education,  Faculty, Walker Center, Library, and Archives.  This team’s co-leaders are Rev. Dr. Sonja B. Williams and Dr. Damayanthi Niles.

Rev. Dr. Sonja B. Williams is the Dean of Students and Eden’s new Visiting Professor of Practical Theology.  Joining the Eden community as Associate Dean of Students in 2019, Dr. Williams quickly impressed students and staff and faculty colleagues alike with her passion for justice and compassion for all.  From sharing spoken word poetry to deep listening, from honing academic rigor in Eden’s classrooms to empowering others in their vocations, Dean Williams has distinguished herself as a leader in the Eden community and the progressive Christian movement.

Alongside Dr. Williams is Rev. Dr. Damayanthi Niles, the Interim Academic Dean and Professor of Constructive Theology.  Dr. Niles brings a unique perspective as a “true citizen of the world.”  Having lived, worked, and studied in several countries, she can offer international insights and interpretations on theological issues.  Professor Niles works to meet all students where they are. She engages an eclectic assortment of texts to help them make the connection.

These two leaders, scholars, and teachers are collaborating with Eden’s faculty, staff, and students to create a vibrant, justice seeking, and joy-filled community of learning and faith